the concept of falling

January 27, 2009

Although I have written five poems and two essays since my last post, I chose to repost this poem from my old folio at emanilapoetry.com.

And yes, the reason is obvious. That old saying about lightning is mere profanity.


I’ve seen this road before
…a road of polished bricks
and dreamy songs.

a walk so lovely you’ll never feel
your feet
touching the grounds
…as if walking on a cottony cloud:
so wonderful,
yet too ephemeral.

a path so grandiose you’ll think
they are not made
to be earthly
…as if they’re meant for Zion and Narnia:
so majestic,
yet too tall.

but I should never let myself
be captured by its beauty
for although I can look and
free to start my trek:

I dare NOT.

because it is too splendid

…and I am just a MORTAL.


*originally submitted for and published at emanilapoetry.com, 05.11.2007



  1. so ano or kanino ito? hihi.

  2. Nakakalungkot naman ‘yung –

    I dare not because it is too splendid.
    …and I am just a mortal.

  3. 48 years na akong nakatambay dito naghihintay ng post. haaay sa wakas!!!

    bilang isang dyosa, ilang ulit na rin akong inaalayan ng mga ganitong kagandang poema ng sari-saring mortal. ahihi

    sounds to me you were hesitant of taking on something that could have possibly changed your life in many ways… yet, sobrang naakit ka.

    sagutin mo nga tong poem na to, anong kinahihinatnan? may pagsisisi ba? o ano? (i’m chismosa like that.)

    hooray for the lightning that struck twice. twice nga lang ba?

  4. T_T

    ang sad… pero sabi nga ni utakmunggo… twice nga lang ba?! ^^

  5. sad poem…

  6. Wow may update na.


    A dream so splendid is for people who wishes to fall deep but to fly high – higher from where they fell.

  7. you have the Shakespearean touch.hehe!
    very nice…keep it up!that’s a gift.

    will link you ha?:)

  8. sinu sino ba ang who’s who ng emanilapoetry.com?

    just asking coz my name is dorky!

  9. hindi ako marunong gumawa ng poem but i know what’s damn good when i read one. this is one of those.

  10. hanep sa comment si badoodles! shet! kaya no comment na ko..


    kung kagaya mo namang mortal ang mag-aalay sa akin (na isang dyosa) ng ganitong tula, ipagpapalit ko ang pagiging immoral, este, immortal ko!


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