post verses for a starbuck’s cup

December 16, 2008



AND as I remember

the bench,

its mornings

and falling rain,

I couldn’t help but painfully smile

and recall the cups

of coffees and memories

we used to sip…


especially the last cup

on that fateful


when we both silently admitted

that all these should end

even without the need

to say our GOODBYES.


so I’ll write why

there’s no farewell needed

on that day:

it’s because though we may have been together,

our tomorrows are not,

decisively awaiting

that day

when we sat down

on that bench

with our cup of frappe,

our smiles,

our stories,

just like many times before…

the only difference

is that there will be

no next cup

and bench to share.


NOW that you’re back

and as I look at your familiar face,

listen to your voice,

and stare at your smile,

I couldn’t help

but write this finale

to the poem written

more than two years ago

about the last cup

of caffeine booze

and whipped cream…


for though yes, you might be back,

but you haven’t returned,

and the bench stays there

waiting for a new cup

…and my new beginning.





  1. if its meant to be.. its gonna happen…

  2. awwww. sad sad poem.

  3. “there will be

    no next cup

    and bench to share.” -lethalverses


    There will still be next time, but with somebody else.

  4. lupit. tinamaan ako ng munting kirot. galing.

  5. I missed your poems, tagal mo walang sinulat a.

    kaya lang ang lungkot ng tula, gusto mo ako na lang kashare mo sa coffee at bench?

  6. sleep.. :p

    parang alam ko na kung san hinugot ang insipirasyon para sa tulang ito.. SLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEPPPPPPP!!! 😛

  7. Hello…

    Lover boy ka ha! I was inspired by the poem. Keep it up!

  8. amazing, reading the lines i could’ve sworn i smelled coffee and the familiar ambiance of the coffee shop. sadness…

  9. the cup:
    it may seem empty;
    like that of
    your heart
    you look inside
    the depth of it’s
    and see
    the coffee’s
    gone with its
    ever fateful
    those white spirits
    above your head.

    it can be
    filled again.

    the cup can always be
    filled again.
    like that of the
    empty chair
    beside you.

    CHORVA! ahahaha. yan. ganyan nga. laging me’ pag asa. yikee

  10. cheers!

    to new beginnings
    to things that could have been
    to moments that are just forever etched in our memories

    most especially, to a new found friendship 🙂

  11. awts. you know what? it’s funny how some people could just pick up from where they left off, and some end up being strangers after being as close as two people could possibly get. (from the line “yes you might be back, but you haven’t returned..”)

    start with a clean slate. lose the bench. if you’re going to start a new chapter, make sure the memories you make (and where you make them) are not tainted with a past love’s shadow.

    (it’s the alcohol talking. malamig na kasi dito kailangan kumarga or else lupasay ang show. hehe)

  12. I love it. You have lots of talents… awww malungkot ang poem pero i love it

  13. ..it’s because though we may have been together, our tomorrows are not,.. –> aww. so love this line, dude 😆 hope you could find the one whom you can spend your tomorrows with. hehe 😉

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